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The Arab Orthodoxies

дата: 19 Септември 2014 г. , автор: Георги Генов


 Arab Christians

George Genoff - PhD

Arab Christians (in Arabic : عرب مسيحيون ) is a complex term to describe a variety of ethnic and confessional communities of residents from Arab countries who are Christians.
Some of them Copts * Orthodoxies* consider themselves descendants of the peoples who live in the Middle East to capture him during theArab invasion in the region, maintaining their religious affiliation. Exception to this rule are Arab Christians living in Israel , the Palestinian Authority , Lebanon , Jordan and Syria . They also Arab roots and descendants of the population of the Kingdom of Jerusalem , Tripolitansko County and others created by the Crusaders .
 In the Middle East and North Africa has about 28 Christian denominations, numbering about 15 million believers. Currently, the number of Arab Christians living in the countries of the Arab community has steadily decreased, and the number in the United States , Canada , Australia and Western Europe (mainly in France and the UK ) is increasing. The United States is gone about 4 million immigrants from Arab countries, who for the most part, Arab Christians /Orthodoxies/, mostly from Lebanon . Second largest community of Arab Christians are in Latin America . First it was Brazil , where according to various estimates live at least two million Arab Christians, mostly from Lebanon and Syria . In second place is Argentina, where according to various estimates live at least one million Arab Christians, mostly from Lebanon and Syria . Also large communities of Arab Christians, mostly from Lebanon and Syria have in Uruguay , Venezuela , Chile , Colombia , Mexico and Ecuador , as well as in some African countries (especially Nigeria and Ivory Coast ).
The largest community of Arab Christians living in Egypt are Copts (according to different estimates between 5-8 million).Back in the 50s of XX century Arab Christians (especially Maronite ) are the majority of the Lebanese population.  Arab Christians in Lebanon are one and a half million people, or about 40% of the population. Large community Arab Christians living in Syria, Israel and Jordan. In Iraq in 1990, there were 1 million. Christians. In 2005, their number is slightly more than half a million and in Marocco.
The reasons for the rapid decline in the proportion of the Christian population in the Arab countries are mainly two. First is the much lower their fertility when compared with that of their Muslim compatriots. The second is the substantial emigration of Arab Christians to North America (USA and Canada), Latin America (mainly Brazil and Argentina), Australia and Western Europe (mainly France and the UK).
Among the descendants of Arab Christians is well-known personalities such as Argentine President ( converted to Christianity to become president of Argentina), singer Shakira (Lebanese father), actress Salma Hayek (Lebanese father), the richest man in the world Carlos Slim The eluent (parents of Lebanese origin), and candidate forPresident of the United States in 2000 Ralph Nader (parents of Lebanese origin). In order to at least halt the process the president of the Palestinian Authority brings in the autumn of 2011 a proposal for recognition of an independent Palestine by the UN . United States is strongly opposed for the proposal. At the head of the Orthodox Palestinian Society in Bulgaria is father John Ramiroff.

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