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The designations of Radko - Bulgarian Association in Macedonia

дата: 23 Юли 2009 г. , автор: Владимир Панков

The lider Vladimir Pankov described the aims of the Association Radko in R.Macedonia...



Bulgarian must become an official language in the Republic of Macedonia


The "Radko" Association requested for a change in the Constitution of  the Republic of Macedonia. The Bulgarians to become an important element in the Constitution as well as one of the official languages in the country to be Bulgarian. To be prohibited the misappropriation and stealing of Bulgarian history in Macedonia is also being requested by "Radko".


A 28 pages long letter stipulating these requests was sent to the President, Government, the Constitutional Court and the Bulgarian Embassy in Skopje. It states that Macedonia has a real shortage of democracy since the state has legalized the genocide carried out against the Bulgarian population in Macedonia after World War II.


"We want changes in the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia in which to be explicitly stressed out that Bulgarians are one of the existing communities here and the Bulgarian language is an official language. All this to serve as a basis for the realization of our program for the revival of the cultural and educational institutions dating back to the Ottoman Empire, and which to be harmonized according to our current needs", said the chairman of "Radko" Vladimir Pankov.


"We, the Bulgarians in Macedonia, do not need a State by the name of "Republic of Macedonia", where its Bulgarian population will be subjected to repression, police surveillance and abuse, discrimination and genocide", continued the request of Radko. "It is a social disease taking place here and, therefore, we have the duty to provide treatment for it, if not a surgery", pointed out the document.


The reasons for this request are rife with explanations about the Macedonian historical figures, who, according to the "Radko" Association, were spreading Bulgarian culture around,  it was said on TV Channel 5. The document stated that the Bulgarian population in Macedonia was forced by all means to receive a Macedonian identity, which is estimated as being new and artificial.


The cabinet of the President of Macedonia confirmed having received the letter, but it was not considered and therefore no comment was made. The government did not give any response to Radko's request, Channel 5 pointed out. 


Blitz recalls that in January the  Bulgarian Association in Macedonia "Radko" won a litigation victory against the Republic of Macedonia before the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Eight years after the movement was banned and its members carried on  a complaint against Macedonia. Six judges voted in Strasbourg that the prohibition of "Radko" in Macedonia had violated the European Convention on Human Rights and the right to unite.


Then, President- Vladimir Pankov- said he had expected a positive outcome and now hopes the decision in Strasbourg will open up the opportunities for full accomplishment of the rights of the Bulgarians in Macedonia.


The "Radko" Association is named after  the nickname of one of the leaders of VMRO Ivan Mihailov.


The "Radko" Association  is a political organization based in Ohrid, Macedonia. It was founded in 2000 and fought for recognition and support of the Bulgarians in Macedonia. Its members are not only openly declaring their Bulgarian ethnic identity, but are also  criticizing the official Macedonian historiography in order to cast light on the objective historical past of the Republic of Macedonia. / Blitz


translator : Tassia Tassova - Australia




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М н е н и я

от: Lawanda, ( joglehot@uni-miskolc.hu )
публикувано: 15.11.2011 18:30:57 часа

Normally I'm against killing but this article slaughteerd my ignorance.

И з п р а т и   м н е н и е

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