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Дилма иска да строи спортна зала в Габрово !

дата: 05 Октомври 2011 г. , автор: Георги Генов


President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff is willing to help build a new sports hall in Bulgaria. She wants the facility to be built in the town of Gabrovo and named after her father Peter.

As is known, is Rousseff Gabrovo roots and this is the reason for wanting to help his native region. She visited Bulgaria, suggesting that in addition to Sofia, and she will travel to Gabrovo.
It has already announced its intention to invest in building a modern sports hall in the hometown of his father, before that it is related to the founder of the local handball club Bucky - Rosica Bakardjieva that for several months and headed home Handball Federation.

Bakardjieva is defined as the best player of Bulgaria handball petdesetiletieto. Multiple scorer not only in our league, but in those of Spain and Italy. Former athlete and was declared the best player in Brazil and Latin America.

Dilma Rousseff's father is Peter Rusev from Gabrovo. He was a close friend of Elizabeth Bagryana. Was forced to emigrate from Bulgaria in 1929 in France, where he appears with his family Rousseff. Now widowed (blue Luben), arrived in Brazil in the 30s. Settled in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where earning a few years. Then settled in Brazil, where achieved success as a lawyer and developer. There he married Jane Dilma Silva, which has three children: Dilma Rousseff, Igor (lawyer) and Joan (1951-1977). In Bulgaria there Dilma welded brother - Luben Roussev engineer (died in Sofia in 2007), with whom he has never met.

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от: 7SPCTJICqc3u, ( 4zm2h00lvs@outlook.com )
публикувано: 05.09.2014 20:00:44 часа

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