Ladies and Gentlemen From the whole democratic world .. Let us tell the dictator prime minister of Macedonia STOP His Dictatorship


while there is selective justice such problems will be solved properly. Sad is that how we want or are unable to cope with these problems. What is happening in Macedonia and in general in countries like ours is frightening. When they allowed the street to walk uniformed people who either do not have nearly moralinte and professional qualities inherent in this post will bear the consequences.

Not guilty officer. Guilty is the one that gave him a gun. The one that allowed him to enforce order.  As I am a political nondescript, would single out a few words about the ruling VMRO DPMNE. Which during his reign the past few years produced a huge number of gatekeepers, personal protection with criminal records and a pair of other delinquents who have the power to do things that are far from the scope of their duties profesinal. Allen had to justice would have been jailed on charges of murder. For those who do not know, Allen is personally Zafirov providing Saso Mijalkov. Who to something less than two years killed man on a motorcycle and was not tried. I'm not saying that this officer will be tried! Will be, it surely. What I want to say is that should the same yardstick for all. As befits a demokratic state. Country in which I'll feel free.

Finally, remember there are 2 types of resistance: violence and civil disobedience. Your time is that you choose. But do not forget that one day it will be too late for the first one from which all fear. Decide which route you choose! To protest peacefully, or will provide fierce resistance!!

God to forgive. Condolences to the family of the deceased ..

PLEASE ALL MY PERSONAL friend F. B. provide personal engagement, and you political  stop to the dictatorship of GRUESKI PM .. OTHERWISE and marriage. The Lord and ladies .. MACEDONIA .. governs Dictatorship

Dictatorship in the 21st century ..

Stop the dictator GRUESKI ..

STOP IN MACEDONIA totalitarianism ..

Stop the dictator's Nikola GRUESKI ..

PRIME MINISTER OF MACEDONIA IS NIKOLA GRUESKI is a source of instability in the Balkans

Stop the dictator ..