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Development of the question about the "Myth" of Batak

дата: 26 Май 2011 г. , автор: Георги Младенов

PhD George Mladenoff from Toronto and PhD George Genoff from Sofia about Anathema against Baleva...




Developments in the "myth of Batak" according to a report of Humboldt University
 One of the halls of the Humboldt University in Berlin was made public a report of the Bulgarian art historian Martina Baleva. Miss fame was once found himself in the spotlight and the Bulgarian and the German public - her research project for the massacre of Batak in 1876  a public myth became the subject of sharp criticism in Bulgaria. The lecture by Martina Baleva enable we to take a direct relation to the German scientific audience on the topic, which involved more than a year the Bulgarian public.

If this issue was previously considered by the Bulgarian and German press primarily by its political or rather "cultural-political" aspects of its presentation in one of the European cultural institutions need to be examined it is from its scientific side. The reason we can speak on this issue is not only that of 55 years dealing actively and continuously in these areas, a significant proportion of these years we have been associated with the same university. It also covers other areas - modern science and culture, which also have respect and to determine the content and purpose of most of ours publications, among which is only gone so far in German Cultural History of Bulgaria - which has never even went out in Bulgarian.

Before the Berlin audience looked primarily questions of art history, set by Martina Baleva in its report. Unlike previously published her articles that she met with the Bulgarian public the total project developed collectively by her and Dr. Ulf Brunnbauer entitled "History and modernity of national stereotypes in Bulgaria in light of the myth of the Batak, in its report Berlin it was titled "The Myth Batak. Deconstruction of a painting and its consequences. " In other words, it distinguishes their share of the topic in such a way that can be submitted for protection as PhD in a relevant department, as in Berlin have both Humboldt and at the Free University. After this successful defense, we should bear the title "doctor of Art”.

Without depart from formulated by Dr. Brunnbauer model of the project relating to visualize the concepts of past historical events and its role in the creation of certain false images, Ms. Baleva take one - according to her, and according to Dr. Brunbaer - "typical case". Namely the formation of Duties Batak on the basis of a work of painting - the picture of Polish artist Piotrowski. When it touches on several staged photographs made by its research as illustrative material in the artist's work on the picture. Once the painting was completed, was exposed to the First Bulgarian Fair in Plovdiv in 1892.

Since according Baleva memory of what happened 16 years earlier events had already been completely obliterated from the minds of contemporaries, namely the picture of Polish artist created interest in these events and served as the emergence of the "myth of Batak, but for a number of works Bulgarian fiction. This place has had some discrepancies between its report and printed in the Journal of Culture  her article "Who (in) told the truth about Batak”. In an earlier report it so underestimate the importance and nature of the bloody events that considered possible deletion from the full memory of his contemporaries.

In a new report in Berlin, she repeatedly stresses that there was a slaughter, although the number of victims has been greatly exaggerated. Baleva however, continues to maintain its claim that the reason for the creation of a "myth of the Batak is a picture of Piotrowski. And although the consistency that its claim was fully refuted in lengthy discussions in the Bulgarian media, including several major forums on the Internet. We think it unnecessary here to give examples set by many participants in the discussion and include publications of foreign correspondents of the time, and works of art and memorial literature, including poems of the most famous Bulgarian poet Ivan Vazov and Notes on Bulgarian Uprisings Zahari Stoyanov. Hardly today as a hundred years ago, you may find a Bulgarian who does not read them. And who has seen the picture of Piotrowski that after the exhibition in Plovdiv was forgotten in the warehouses of the National Gallery? That it recognizes itself Baleva in response to a query.

An inquiry by a student why the Bulgarian public was so badly set against it Baleva answer that Bulgarian society can not forgive her for having shown that those at the Museum of Batak photographs were staged, conducted for the artist, not originals . I am one of those Bulgarians who have never had the opportunity to visit the museum in Batak, so I can not speak to whether the photographs have been exhibited as documents, that is as authentic evidence. However, I have visited hundreds of museums around the world, which often fakes are presented for the originals, which is transmitted even greater and even almost a fundamental value. If Martina Baleva before writing his thesis was properly studied art history, would know that authors of historical paintings of the late nineteenth and throughout the twentieth century was in the order of things, instead of paying models for long and tiring sessions, to prepare with the help of photographers staging with the most authentic details.

To our knowledge, throughout the history of historical painting are known only two cases in which the famous and highly decorated players in the event depicted in the picture, posing for artists for many days and weeks. These are the picture of Anton von Werner Berlin Congress, which is now in solemn hall of the Berlin city hall, and "meeting of the State Council" by Ilya Repin, which is in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. All other historical pictures are more or less figment of the artist. But sometimes - and more often than people imagine - photography is staged and important events like the photos then not only be considered a documentary, but are offered as a historical source documents. This is true even for the two "most important " of the twentieth century - the placing of the Soviet flag over the Reichstag in Berlin in the last day of World War II by photographer Eugene Chaldea and the crash of an American flag on the moon by Neil Armstrong.

The same goes for countless "previews" that we show the movies or on television almost all "historical" events "Big Bang" of the universe, in "Life of the dinosaurs and the birth of the Apes" to Our current events. Most often "displayed" the wars of Troy to Iraq. However, the most important events like go unnoticed by contemporary photographers - it is enough to remember the extermination of Cossacks in Soviet Russia, executions in Katyn or Srebrenica.

At this point the reader will ask: "But what may have these visualizations Batak?. Same question we can ask and Dr. Ulf Brunnbauer, his lawyer, Mr. Alexander Vezenkov but Professor Horst Bredekamp, ​​head of the Department of Art History at Humboldt University in Berlin, whom we presume will be defended thesis of Mr Ms. Baleva.


Bulgarian Church canonized martyrs of Batak! We are waiting to come up with an anathema against Baleva and Brunnbauer!


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