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About New Bulgarian Policy concerning Republic of Macedonia

дата: 05 Юли 2009 г. , автор: The editorial bord of FreeMacedonia

Declaration of some Bulgarian very important Organisations about new policy conserning Republic of Macedonia


Declaration of the Macedonian scientific institute in Sofia
Supported from MPO "LIUBEN DIMITROFF" - Toronto,Canda ;
from :"Macedonobulgarian review VARDAR "; from"Historical Archives" - organ of the Union of the Scientists in Bulgaria



     At the beginning of June 2009 the means of mass communication spread the news relevant to one of the many uncivilized political acts in Skopje. Every citizen of Republic of Macedonia, who has Bulgarian ethnical descent and self -consciousness and a Bulgarian passport, suffers specific humiliations in case he travels to Bulgaria.
     “The passport war” of Skopje is only one element in the global anti-Bul­ga­rian campaign which is led towards the Bulgarian culture near Vardar, already two de­cades the name “Bulgarian” has been criminalized and not permitted in the offi­cial state statistics; citizens having Bulgarian national self -consciousness were fired and are still being fired, public organizations by Bulgarians were disrupted and forbidden and their newspapers were stopped from being published; people were sued, fined and even put in prison only because they showed their Bulgarian na­tional self-consciousness.
      A similar policy is pursued at the beginning of XXI c. by a state power that claims to observe the criteria of EU and requires an access to membership in the organization.
     The Macedonian scientific institute in Sofia, not for the first time, presents to the attention of the Bulgarian public and state authorities the necessity of development a new policy regarding the Republic of Macedonia. It should contain several obligatory steps which could be organized in the following sequence:
       1. A new official vision for the relationship with the Republic of Ma­ce­do­nia which to be announced at the highest political level in the state and also pre­sen­ted to our political partners in Brussels.
       2. The conception should contain an evaluation of the situation of Bul­ga­rians in the Federal Republic of Macedonia after the Second world war and es­pe­cial­ly after the former Yugoslavian republic became an independent country.
      3. The topic which should be officially discussed is about the citizens who vo­luntarily showed their Bulgarian national self-consciousness and their rights to be guaranteed in the Constitution.
      4. A statement that Bulgaria will take care for the observing of the in­di­vi­dual rights of Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia and the rights of their asso­cia­tions and organizations according to the norms and standards of the EU.
       5. Bulgaria should express openly its concern about the rejection of the autho­rities to deal with the Reconstruction and maintenance of the Bulgarian cul­tu­ral and historical heritage and especially of the Bulgarian military graveyards.
       6. An official statement that further claims for the existence of some “Macedonian ethnical minority” in Bulgaria and for the registration of its political party will be considered an unfriendly, confrontation act.
       7. A readiness to be expressed for the immediate start of a bilateral dialogue with the aim of achieving a consensus on the main combined topics in the field of the historical science and education through the setting up of the relevant expert working commissions.
      8. An explicit declaration stating that the attitude of the ruling classes in Skopje towards Bulgarian seemingly benevolent and constructive policy regarding the Republic of Macedonia and from the willingness for the initiation of a direct dialogue with the aim of settling the disputed issues, will depend the Bulgarian support for the EU membership. Otherwise, Bulgaria will preserve the right to put a VETO, like other countries protecting their national interests, in relationships regarding the Republic of Macedonia.  

5th June 2009

Macedonian scientific institute in Sofia;

MPO "Liuben Dimitroff" - Toronto ,Canada;"Vardar" - macedonobulgarian review ;

"Historical Archives " - organ of the Union of the Scientist in Bulgaria

Credit to : Macedonian Scientific Institut ( MNI )

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