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I am Bulgarian

дата: 31 Март 2011 г. , автор: Здравко Здравески

Sad the lider of the macedonian lions - Zdravko Zdraveski...

I'm Zdravko Zdraveski, born in Macedonia and former police officer in the Macedonian state.
Me and my family endured persecution and political repressions  by managing solely for our Bulgarian consciousness. I was in prison - Idrizovo Bat on trumped charges innosant I was confirmed by subsequent case instance in Skopje, Macedonia, Court of Appeal, however and contrary to all European and accepted for natural human rights, served the entire term of his sentence . During this time I was tortured with barbaric methods (including: terrible physical torture), and Four of my children and my wife Dobrila were subjected to daily intimidation and bullying, because openly and proudly self-determination as "Bulgarians". The brother of my wife was provoked and killed in domestic "incident" and the murderers were left at large and continued to threaten my family.
This is not just my story , these are the fates of thousands of other self-determination as "Bulgarians", citizens of Macedonia.
We even found a refuge from political persecution in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Bulgaria, we believe our mission to spread the truth about what is happening with our compatriots there. Macedonia is a country that wants to be part of European family, but by doing vicious and medieval practices, hopes to hide the truth about the origin and history of the population of the area who are Bulgarian.
This - International Human Rights Coalition is  just a group for my family and issue a group sent to protect and liberties of my countrymen, survived and experiencing harassment, even now, unthinkable during the regime of Stalin.

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М н е н и я

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публикувано: 05.09.2014 22:38:41 часа

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