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Euroactiv about Zdravko Zdraveski !

дата: 17 Февруари 2011 г. , автор: Георги Генов

EA reacts FYROM :

"EurActiv" reacts against policy FIROM

Nessebar- a hand of Macedonian refugees in Bulgaria

Locals help repressed by authorities in Skopje Bulgarians

Citizens and residents of Nessebar municipality would help our compatriots from Macedonia, suffered because of their Bulgarian consciousness. Local authorities, together with the leadership of the Macedonian brotherhood "Todor Aleksandrov" have prepared an open call to the public for voluntary solidarity and support for family and Zdravko Dobrila Zdraveski from Prilep, who emigrated to Bulgaria together with the 3 children. Address was signed by the Mayor of Nessebar Nikolay Dimitrov, chairman of the Municipal Council - Blagoy Filipov and the Chairman of Macedonian Brotherhood - Ivan Babev. The Municipality of Nessebar and the town now live thousands of descendants of Macedonian Bulgarians from Aegean and Vardar Macedonia, took refuge in a free Bulgarian territory after Serbian and Greek occupation of the area during the Balkan wars and WWI.

Zdraveski arrived late last year to save their lives from repressive government in Skopje, where they were abused because they express themselves as Bulgarians in Macedonia. The case was disclosed to the media and prompted wider public reaction, which led to even created a group on Facebook - "Helping Zdravko" which quickly reached nearly 2000 members.

Zdravko Zdraveski is 47 years old / now 26.01. Birthdays / former commando of the so-called special forces for rapid response "Lions", which were established 10 years ago because of the war in western Macedonia with Albanian terrorists. Zdraveski was then commander of the division with the rank of "Captain" by police. After the fall from power of the Government of Ljupco Georgievski in 2003 and the change of political course towards power-imposing "Macedonism" special forces are disbanding and desarmed. Zdraveski remains in police work, but rather pro-Bulgarian tuned fired degraded and became the victim of false charges concocted by the process. Scored is illegal in jail with adjusted verdict, although witnesses have submitted notary applications that were forced by the authorities forced to give false testimony against Zdraveski. During his stay in prison, Zdravko Zdraveski was tortured with medieval methods and regularly beaten. He was tortured with electricity, tied and without anesthesia were landed his teeth from his mouth with pliers. Of pain and blood loss falls into a coma, gets severe inflammation of the head / sepsis. His life is hanging by a thread. The prison in Prilep refused medical attention and any visits by relatives or a lawyer. The doctor of the prison, which has allowed her to write a report that Zdraveski needs treatment, was immediately fired from her job. Needs to be noted that this employee had a Bulgarian passport, which influenced its lightning discharge.

Zdravko family all the time was terrorized by the authorities. His wife was fired from her job with 4 children in their arms, the house was repeatedly searched for Bulgarian literature and found Bulgarian books were confiscated. The condition that has been called a Zdraveski to be left is to save his life, was a single - written and publicly renounce their Bulgarian origin and identity and to declare that "Macedonian" nationality. This was denied, regardless of the inhuman actions against them. Murdered brother Zdraveski, in mid last year and the brother of his wife Dobrila who was also acting officer. Cases were registered as "domestic incident". Killer's brother Dobrila Zdraveska he spent insane, ie "Can not be held criminally liable." So far this person is at liberty and still threatens that it will kill the whole family Zdraveski because they were "Bugari".

In prison in Prilep, Zdraveski was visited by Spas Tashev, a former adviser to Bozidar Dimitrov. With Tashev is assisting the family to settle the problem of their stay in Bulgaria as otherwise Zdraveski and his children had to leave our country to be extradited to Macedonia at the end of last year, which for them meant certain death. We Zdravko Zdraveski and two children were 6 months of residence visas issued thanks to the timely actions of the General Consulate of Bulgaria in Edirne and the institutions in the chain. The problem was taken to heart by the Bulgarian Consul Valcho Markov and Macedonian Bulgarians were assisted on site by the President of the Bulgarian church trustees in Edirne - Father Alexander Chakrak.

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