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Zdravko Zdraveski - constantly terrorized by the authorities in FYROM

дата: 17 Декември 2010 г. , автор: Free Macedonia

Zdravko has declaring himselv to be BULGARIAN...

Zdravko Zdraveski, a former leader of the Macedonian 'Tigers' and 'Lions' special forces , has spoken to the Bulgarian '24 chasa' daily, stating that he and his family have been constantly terrorized by the authorities in FYROM for declaring themselves to be Bulgarian.

Since being released from jail in Macedonia in September 2010, Zdraveski, 45, together with his wife Dobrila Zdraveska and their three children have lived in the Bulgarian town of Blagoevgrad.

"While I was in jail, the Macedonian authorities killed my brother and my wife's brother and disguised the murders as accidents," Zdraveski claimed before the Bulgarian media on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, a statement was made by Image Advertising, a Bulgarian PR agency, according to which Zdraveski amd his family have been under constant harassment by the authorities in the Republic of Macedonia because of their declaration to be ethnic Bulgarians.

According to the report, because of his self-determination as Bulgarian, in 2005, Zdraveski was fired from the Macedonian armed forces, and was stripped of his rank as captain.

In 2007, he is said to have been the victim of a fabricated trial on fraud charges and was jailed. Subsequently, the witnesses who testified against him reportedly renounced their testimonies saying they had been forced to make them.

Zdraveski's sentence was appealed and corrected by the Supreme Court in Macedonia but he still spent 2 years illegally in the Idrizovo jail in Skopje, and then in a prison in Prilep, up until 2010, and during that time he was constantly tortured and beaten. He is said to be keeping all the teeth that he lost during the jail beatings in a small bag.

"I was mercilessly beaten and tortured in jail. They frequently drugged me, because they did not want me to complain to my relatives. I still can not believe I am alive," Zdravevski stated in his interview on Tuesday.

"I am afraid that they will kill me and my family if we return to Macedonia," Zdraveski admitted.

He is said to be founders of the restored VMRO party in today's Macedonia. The VMRO party is the descendant of the Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization (VMORO), which at the beginning of the 20th century fought first to free Macedonia and Thrace from the Ottoman Empire and to unify these regions with Bulgaria.

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М н е н и я

от: Karleen, ( x.marlen@seznam.cz )
публикувано: 21.06.2012 16:09:45 часа

I wonder what it is in your brain that makes this so hard to unsandterd? I have read history, and I know the facts. History and the facts do not change the matter. The matter is that Greek hotheads go stupid over two issues that make them look like asses on the world stage. Issue 1: Cyprus. Yes, we all know and unsandterd that there are Greeks on the island. We all know and unsandterd that historically, it might have been a Greek island. However, we also all know and unsandterd that the island has been split between greeks and Turks for generations. We know and unsandterd that the situation is not going to change any time soon and we know that Greeks and Turks act like babies about it. Issue 2: Everyone in the world knows that there was a famous Greek in ancient history named Alexander of Macedon. Everyone unsandterds that there is a Greek province of Macedonia. Only Greeks seem to have a childish problem with the neighbouring country of Macedonia, and that problem is based on the name. That is, put simply, stupid. Should someone in France be angry because you wrote a comment with the name Paris ? Of course not, that would be stupid. Should someone be confused because you are clearly a Greek using the name Paris so maybe there's a Paris in Greece? No, that would be stupid too. Does the fact that there is actually a city named Paris a few hours drive from me here in Canada detract from the famous city of Paris in France? No, that would be stupid. Therefore I conclude that Greeks getting angry about a country that calls itself Macedonia is also stupid. Now add to that the fact that many governments also agree with me including the government of Canada which does not recognize the name FYROM . Canada recognizes Macedonia . Canadians know there is a Greek province of Macedonia, and a separate country of Macedonia. We unsandterd that here because we actually read history and geography.

от: Mitre Turunjoff, ( mitreturunjoff@bigond.com )
публикувано: 27.12.2010 17:24:20 часа

Ddagi politikani chlenove na bifshoto i segashno DS, dokoga shte se prestruvate na gluhi i slepi, nima ne vizdate i ne chuvate tazi otchaiani plachve i salzi za pomosht i podkepa na nashite sanarodnitsi ot Makedonia i Gartsia. Sega kogato Gospodin Borisov se zakanva da ve izgoni ot tazi uiutni sluzbi id a ve zameni sas mladi patrioti. KRAINO VREME E DA KAZEM "NE" NA POSEGATELSTVATA NAD NASHITE SANARODNITSI.

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