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To the Amnesty International from macedonobulgarian of Sidney

дата: 15 Август 2009 г. , автор: Tassia Tassova

The autor Tassia Tassova from Austrlalia described the terror on the bulgarian Spaska Mitrova...

Dear Amnesty,

Spaska is still in prison and her family says the conditions she is exposed to are extremely poor. She has got fever and tumors in both of her breasts... Even the little money and medicine drugs her family is sending Spaska are not getting to her. And she is a woman, at the end of the day...

The bigger disgrace is that the second sentence against Spaska was confirmed.

In Macedonia whoever  puts an accusation, these same people are judging on it. The court of Gevgelia in Macedonia is officially the most corrupted one as Macedonian media announces. 

Funnily enough, the second Spaska's sentence is because of  'offence to a judicial representative'. Spaska had said in court to judge Ivan Stamenov that he wanted to realise a sexual intercourse with her in order to mitigate her circumstances, which Spaska refused to do, as well as she accused him of being an UDBA agent (the Macedonian Secret Service which is still very pro-communist, pro-Serbian and totalitarian, thus, still persecuting the Bulgarians in Macedonia today). The judge was very unhappy and angry about those comments and replied that he was going to impose the harshest ever possible sentence upon Spaska- 1 000 000 denari (which is calculated to be € 32 000) and 10 months of effective imprisonment.

Moreover, judge Maja Avramova also raised a case against Spaska and won it, because the latter had also expressed the view that Mrs. Avramova's grandfather was also an Udba agent. Avramova was said to publicly declare hatred against anything Bulgarian, and was fully 'disgraced' when Spaska went in Bulgaria to complete her university studies.  

We have the psychiatric analysis, obviously defending the two judges positions, whereas Spaska is not permitted any minimal chance of self-defence....

I sincerely hope you can help us out in this tragedy.
Best regards,
Tasia Tassova - Australia ( macedonobulgarian )

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