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дата: 16 Август 2009 г. , автор: RADKO - MPO

About the ABSOLUTE unprepedness and lack of competence of his Exellency Erwan Fouere - Ambassador of the European Union to the Rebublic of Macedona ( FYROM )...

We would like to share with you our observations regarding the absolute unpreparedness and lack of competence of His Excellency  ERWAN FOUERE, Ambassodor of the European Union to the Republic of Macedonia.

We suppose many of you, perhaps, with the exception of the Bulgarian Members of the EU Parliament, have not heard about Spaska Mitrova's case.
Very briefly, Spaska is a young woman who regards herself as Bulgarian and lives in Macedonia, where she is put behind bars in one of the cruelest prisons in ex-Yugoslavia. Spaska Mitreva's three months imprisonment sentence plus a $32 000 fine ( approximately being $100 the average monthly salary in Macedonia) is the government's response to her alleged denial to allow her divorced husband (proclaiming himself as being from Serbian ethnicity) see their infant daughter as well as failing to secure a bed and shelter to the father in order to get together with his daughter. If such a law -providing for a bed and shelter to the visiting parent- really existed in this backward country, it would only be the lesser evil in this sad reality.

The disproportionately large group of state police carrying out the arrest, fitted to handle a terrorist attack, was a clear, unnecessary and intentionally intimidating demonstration of power. Not to mention the public humiliation Spaska was put through as well as being called out names by the judge on a racist basis (the exact wording is publicly known) ... Moreover, at the time of her arrest, Spaska was still breast feeding the child.

Up until here, it seems to be "an individual case", which H.E. Mr. Fouere rejected to spend some time on or simply did not want to bother doing anything. With all due respect, We do know how comfortable can be a high admin EU income and at the same time working in a penniless Eastern European country.  Further, our direct question to His Excellency is if he and his office were not looking at "individual cases" (as stated in his answer to the letter sent by Spaska on 12 January when she was  still 'free'), what exactly are they spending their time on for which the European Tax Payers are paying out of their pockets? Why didn't His Excellency see there is a huge problem of intimidation, oppressions and disregard of basic human rights to those Macedonians who regard themselves as Bulgarians? Or your Excellency has become friends with some of the Macedonianist politicians over there, as people are coming now to believe?

We , along with all of the relatives of Spaska, as well as many Bulgarians and Macedonians, believe this is an orchestrated attempt by the government of FYROM to punish Spaska for her voiced Bulgarian consciousness and to use her case as an example to others who dare express their Bulgarian ethnic feelings in public.

We would like to remind you the Macedonian state was formed in 1991 having been under Communist rule for over 50 years. Unfortunately, the same discriminatory mentality and politics of physical and mental oppression, not to say genocide, still persist today against anything and anyone who claims to be  Bulgarian in Macedonia.

30000 Bulgarians were exterminated and about 200 000 were sent to concentration camps and prisons after 1946. Many just disappeared.

Furthermore, the state’s administration has not changed its common practices of intimidation regarding all Bulgarians as well as the systematic falsification of historical evidence that the world and international community agrees upon. Macedonia is hoping to become a member of the EU one day, but, in our view, countries using authoritative and violent methods to preach their political agendas are to be isolated from such processes.

Currently, we have 2 people jailed for calling themselves Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia (Miroslav Rizinski and Spaska Mitrova). If you are interested finding out the names of other people who have being beaten up by the state police, it is not very difficult a task to do. Many receive death threats over the phone or are being convened to have a chat with an UDBA representative (again, some cases are publicly known). Others cannot find work because they are Bulgarians and are told off to look for a job elsewhere... Thus, these people are exposed to starvation. It is a common practice for the Macedonian Secret Service (UDBA) to ask the Macedonian students going to complete their tertiary studies in Bulgaria to join them for a friendly talk at the nearest police station. In fact, the Bulgarian language was officially prohibited until 2001. The web-sites of RADKO (the Bulgarian organisation in Macedonia) is banned from being viewed within Macedonia. Also, RADKO is said to be illegal by the authorities, though Radko won a legal case in the Strasbourg court against the Macedonian state. Yet, the Macedonian state rejected Radko’s registration yet another time. The Radko story is an intriguing story in itself, and this is not the only Bulgarian organisation that was intimidated.  Did you know that in Macedonia the Bulgarian ethnicity is not recognised as existing in the census data? Or that Lubcho Georgievski, the former Prime Minister, has a Bulgarian Citizenship? Or why on Earth Macedonia conducts anti-Bulgarian media campaigns, too? Why? There can be so many questions addressed; unfortunately, an e-mail would not be enough for that.

As an Ambassador of the European Union, His Excellency should have researched beforehand some of the current issues going on as well as should have the stomach to point out His opinion based on his research on vitally important problems. Or His Excellency did not want to interfere as this is easier and safer? In  our view, His Excellency is also to coordinate Macedonia’s path to integration with the EU at some point of time, provided that Macedonia is a free and democratic country, or are We wrong?    

Please, do find more relevant information on the issue and we would be very grateful if you could help us out in all possible ways.

1.Vladimir Pankoff - President of Radko - Bulgarian Association in Macedonia;

2.Tasia Tassova -Sydney, Australia;

3.George Mladenoff - PhD ,President of MPO "Liuben Dimitroff " - Toronto,Canda ;

4.Alexandar Karadjoff - President of MPO " Pirin" - Toronto ,Canada ;

5.George Genoff - PhD , chief editor of the Bulgaromacedonian

Review "Vardar" about Europe,chief editor of "historical Archives" - organ of The Union of The Scientists in Bulgaria;

6.Vessela Kissling - Germany ;

7.Jivko Chavdarov - member of Radko ;

8.Blagoj Atanasov - member of Radko;

9.Suzana Mitrova - mother of Spaska Mitrova;

10.Prof.Simeon Simeonov - Rector of the Bulgaromacedonian church "St George " - Toronto ,Canda;

11.Fath.Stefan Kapitanoff - Bulgaromacedonian church "St.St.Cyrill and Methodhius" - Toronto ,Canada;

12.Pando Mladenoff - trusty of the Bulgaromacedonian church "St.George " and editor of "Vardar";

13.Chavdar Sotiroff - computer disainer , New York , USA

14.Bella De Mongton - editor amd advisor of "Vardar";

15.Jana Mladenova - Australia;

16.Exi Klisarska - teacher in New York ,USA ;

17.Kuber Dobreff - student ;

18.Alexander Dimitroff - Toronto ,Canada ;

19.Tinko Evtimoff - Otawa , Canada ;

20.Mite Bojkoff - FYROM ;

21.Ventzi Kuzev - Bulgaria ;

22.Liubimka Paliyska - Bulgaria;

23.Dimitar Gigov - webmaster of the sait "Radko.org.";

24.Vova - Bulgaria ,club "Dir.bg" ;

25.Marija Yankova - editor of "Vardar" ;

26.Elena Bugarcheva -Ministry agency of the Archives,Bulgarian from Macedonia;

27.Vesselin Angeloff - PhD , "Historical Archives" ;

28.Assya Dolapchieva - "Historical Archives" - Varna;

29.Lenko Russanov - Tehnical University of Bulgaria;

30.Prof.Rumen Arnaudoff - specialist of the History of Macedonia;

31.Yanko Staneff - reffugie from Odrin Tracia ,Turkey ;

32.Nikolay Dolapchiev - Saskacheuan ,Canada;

33.Itzo Angeloff - Bulgaria;

34.Margarita Slauer - Check Republik ;

35.Sofia Nedialkova - Bulgaria ;

36.Luchezar Dolapchiev - Bulgaria;BAS inginer;

37.Lidia Mladenova - Bulgaria;

38.Antoaneta Bares - Greece ;

39.Stery Bares - Greece ;

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М н е н и я

от: Greta, ( terranceshelton@hotmail.com )
публикувано: 16.11.2011 07:48:29 часа

I can't hear anything over the sound of how awesome this artlice is.

от: Chris Vlahogiannis, ( hellasfanclub@hotmail.com )
публикувано: 03.03.2010 15:16:40 часа


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