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To the Amnesty International - Australia

дата: 10 Август 2009 г. , автор: Tassia Tassova - Australia

Te autor about the cause of Spaska Mitrova - from Gevgelija , FYROM...

Dear Amnesty International Australia,
I am one of your young  e-mail subscribers who admires your great work.

I just wanted to let you know of Spaska Mitrova´s case, a young woman who regards herself as Bulgarian and lives in Macedonia, where she is put behind bars in one of the top cruelest prisons in ex-Yugoslavia by the pro-Serbian authorities.

The Macedonian state was formed in 1991 and they have been under Communist rule for more than 50 years. Unfortunately, the same discriminatory mentality and politics of physical and mental oppression still persist today against anything and anyone who claims to be a Bulgarian in Macedonia.

Furthermore, the state´s administration has not changed  their common practices of intimidation regarding all Bulgarians as well as the systematic falsification of historical evidence that the world community agrees upon. Macedonia is hoping to become a member of the EU one day, but, in our view, countries using authoritative and violent methods to preach their political agendas are to be isolated from such processes.

Please,  find more relevant information on the issue and we would be very grateful if you could help us out in all possible ways. Currently, we have 2 people jailed for calling themselves Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia (Miroslav Rizinski and Spaska Mitrova). I know that this doesn´t sound like a 21 century story, but, unfortunately, this is the disgraceful reality...

Tasia Tassova,
a Bulgarian young person, living in Sydney.


A young woman is being held imprisoned in Idrizovo, one of the notoriously severe political prisons in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Spaska Mitrova's three months imprisonment sentence plus a 32 000 dollars fine (approximately being 100 dollars the average monthly salary in Macedonia) is the government's response to her alleged denial to allow her divorced husband (proclaiming himself as being from Serbian ethnicity) see their infant daughter as well as failing to secure a bed and shelter to the father in order to get together with his daughter.

If such a law -providing for a bed and shelter to the visiting parent- really existed in this backward country, it would only be the lesser evil in this sad reality. The disproportionately large group of state police carrying out the arrest, fitted to handle a terrorist threat, was a clear, unnecessary and intentionally intimidating demonstration of power. Moreover, at the time of her arrest, Spaska was still breast feeding the child.

According to Spaska's mother, Suzana Mitrova, the infant child has a medical condition, which may only be worsened by the child's forced separation from her mother. As per Suzana Mitrova, Spaska refuses to drink water in the prison from fear of being poisoned.

We, along with all of the relatives of Spaska, believe this is an orchestrated attempt by the government of FYROM to punish Spaska for her voiced Bulgarian consciousness and to use her case as an example to others who dare express their Bulgarian ethnic feelings in public.

This is a clear demonstration of the continuation of the relentless, decades-old persecution and oppression of anyone and anything Bulgarian by FYROM's government as well as by its subsidiaries and agencies - a practice rooted in its Yugoslav past.

Earlier, Spaska's normal life was obstructed on many occasions and in а variety of manners by FYROM's authorities.

Please take full action within your capacity to investigate the case, and eventually help Spaska be freed and reunited with her daughter.

Thank you!

P.S. I am copying in this e-mail your branches in the UK and Greece, as well as some Bulgarians in Macedonia who are trying to help concretely Spaska out  (Vladimir is the leader of the Bulgarian organisation, which is banned again, even though his organisation won this year a court case in Strasbourg, the EU court for Human Rights, supporting  their right, as any other group,  to get together
http://www.radkomk.com ), but also to improve the societal conditions for all Bulgarians who live in Macedonia. Dr Genov is a senior research fellow at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, focusing on the Macedonian issues for decades :


Reed please :




and many others…







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