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To all women's organizations !

дата: 08 Август 2009 г. , автор: Free Macedonia

About the cause of Spaska Mitrova from FYROM...

Spaska Mitrova - Macedonia case of institutionalized abuse of women

Please investigate and respond accordingly.

A young woman is being held imprisoned in Idrizovo, one of the most severe and notoriously political prisons in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Her three months imprisonment sentence plus a fine of 32 000 (apprx. 100 average mothly salaries in that country) is government's response for her alleged denial to allow her divorced husband (of self proclaimed Serbian ethnicity) see their infant daughter and for failing to secure a bed and a shelter((???!!!) for the father-daughter get together. If such law (providing bed and shelter for the visiting parent) really exist in this backward country, it's only the lesser of the sad realities about the situation. Moreover, at the time of her arrest by a disproportionately large group of state police, fitted to handle a terrorist threat - a clear, unnecessary and intentionally intimidating demonstration of power, Spaska was still nursing the child. Accordin to her mother Suzana Mitrova, the infant child has a medical condition, which may only be worsen by child's forced separation from her mother. According to Suzana Mitrova, her imprisoned daughter Spaska refuses to take water in the prison from fear of being poisoned.

We, along with all of the relatives of Spaska believe, that this is an orchestrated attempt by the government of FYROM to punish Spaska for her voiced Bulgarian consciousness and to use her case as an example for others who dare express their ethnic Bulgarian feelings in public. This is a clear demonstration of the continuation of the relentless, decades-old persecution and oppression of anyone and anything Bulgarian by FYROM's government and by its subsidiaries and subdivisions - a practice rooted in its Yugoslav past.

Earlier, Spaska's normal life was obstructed on many occasions and in а variety of manner by FYROM's authorities.

Please take full action within your capacity to investigate the case, and eventually help Spaska be freed and reunited with her daughter.

Thank you!

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