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  • Georgie Genov External recognition of Guaido as President of Venezuela 
    Zaharieva's ministry initiates draft decision of the SC in support of Venezuela !!!!!! 
    05 February 2019 

    European leaders set an ultimatum to Maduro, giving him time to call elections 
    21:23 | January 26, 2019 
    Unrest in Venezuela - At least 13 were killed
    08:31 | 24 January 2019
    Our foreign ministers hurried to order Bulgaria behind the leader of the opposition in Venezuela and initiate a draft resolution for the parliament in support of Venezuelan democracy. This is clear from the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From the office of Ekaterina Zaharieva, they give their trust to Juan Guaydo as the interim president of Venezuela until new elections are held. "We believe that Mr. Juan Guido, President of the National Assembly, as interim president of Venezuela, will schedule free, fair and democratic presidential elections in accordance with the constitution." MFA has launched a co-decision procedure for a draft decision to support the transition to a democratic government in Venezuela based on rule of law and respect for human rights, "the MFA said.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria is convinced that the Venezuelan people should have the right to determine their own future based on the principles of the democratic and the rule of law, he states in his position. 

    According to official data, Venezuela has already left about 4 million people. Inflation is about to reach 1.7 million percent. There are no food, medicines, drinking water - the country faces a huge humanitarian crisis. 

    On January 26, 2019, the EU, including Bulgaria, called for an urgent holding of free, transparent and fair presidential elections in Venezuela. Member States have indicated that if no new elections are announced, they will take action within the next few days, including the issue of recognition of the country's leadership in accordance with Article 233 of the Venezuelan Constitution, the MFA said.

    In a resolution adopted by 439 votes in favor, against 104 against and 88 abstentions, the European Parliament expressed its full support for the National Assembly as the only legitimate democratic body of Venezuela and recognized Juan Guaydo as a legitimate interim president in line with with the Venezuelan constitution.

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